Working with spreadsheets

When Excel is open, we see a white grid called a spreadsheet. The name of the spreadsheet is written on the tab.

Usually we speak of Excel spreadsheets when we mean the white surface with the grid. Strictly speaking, inside the Excel tables we see a spreadsheet whose name is further down the screen on the tab.

An Excel spreadsheet can consist of many worksheets, which are listed in the sheet tab. Multiple spreadsheets can be cleverly linked together or separate content thematically. This tutorial shows you how we can work with spreadsheets: from creating, to copying, to deleting.

Insert a new spreadsheet

Um ein neues Tabellenblatt in unsere Excel-Arbeitsmappe einzufügen, klicken wir auf das Plus neben dem Register weiter unten am Bildschirm.

A new table with the name Table2 appears.

Note: multiple tables can be very useful, especially if many contents or large amounts of data are to be processed within one file. The big disadvantage is that with too many spreadsheets firstly the overview is lost and secondly with too much data computers get problems when working with this file.

Rename workbooks

We click with the right mouse button on the corresponding spreadsheet,

and select the Rename option from the menu.

The name should be as short and meaningful as possible; for example: Balance.

Move spreadsheet

The easiest way to move a table is to use the click-and-drop technique, which means click and drop. We click on the sheet tab of the table we want to move and hold down the left mouse button.

Then we drag the cursor to the new position of the table and release the mouse button.

The result: the table was moved.

Delete spreadsheet

We right-click on the tab of the table we want to delete and select Delete.

Copy a spreadsheet

And again we right-click on the desired table and select Move and Copy from the context menu.

A dialog window opens with an overview of all tables in the Excel file. In our example we want to copy table1 to the last position. To do this, we select the option (place at end) and check the box Create copy. We confirm with OK.

This is the result:

Change register color

Colors make it easier to distinguish the spreadsheets. To change the color we click with the right mouse button on the worksheet and click Tab Color.

An overview with all design colors of the current color palette appears. We select an appealing color.

And this is how tabs with new colors look like: