Slide master – redesign slide layouts

To design a slide, various slide layouts are available in PowerPoint. These can be selected from a number of pre-selected slide layouts and set manually for each slide.

To do this, click on the “New slide” field in the Start tab. A selection of preset slide layouts appears, such as a title slide or “Title and Content”. These differ mainly in the arrangement of the text and image fields.


First select a slide design, like the “Two Contents” design in our example.


Now the slide design can be customized. To enlarge or reduce a text field, such as the title of the slide, the placeholder must be clicked. A border with white fixation points at the corners will then appear.


To zoom in, click on one of the points, hold it down and drag the point until the text field has the desired size. Always make sure that text and image fields do not overlap so that all elements are visible on the later slide.


It is also possible to change the slide layout at any time, even if a layout has already been assigned to a slide. To do this, we select the corresponding slide in the thumbnail view, click on the Layout field under the Home tab and select a different layout there. This can then in turn be individually adapted to the content of the slide.


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