Slide master – footer with page number, date and font

The footer in PowerPoint is an area to show the title of the presentation, the file or company name, location of the event, number of slides or the name of the speaker in a less conspicuous way. In the slide master, the footer can be enriched with exactly this information.

Add slide numbers, date and time

1. To edit the header and footer, we now switch to the Insert tab and select the header and footer button there.


and see the “Header and Footer” dialog box.


The Header and Footer dialog box appears. Clicking in the Date and Time box creates a placeholder for the date. “Other settings” is, for example, the date format, which differs significantly between the German and American notation. If the “Update automatically” box is checked, the date field will always show the current date. For a fixed date, the Fixed option should be selected.
The Slide Numbers field adds a placeholder for the slide number with the label . In the later presentation, the number four will appear at this point on slide four.
If a text (company name) is to be placed in the footer, a click on the Footer field is necessary. The text is entered into the input field.
Important: Usually the title slide, which appears at the very beginning of the presentation, omits the information in the footer or header. Therefore, a checkmark should be set at this point for “Do not show on title slide”.

2. To apply the settings, press the “Apply to all” button. The placeholders and contents in the footer can still be deleted and edited later. This is best done in the slide master.

Format footer

A custom design also needs a customized footer. To customize the preformatted footer for all slides in the presentation, we change it in the slide master.

  1. The slide master is opened under the View tab and there under Slide master. Now we click on the top slide of the left overview bar.

2. On the slide that is now visible, we move our mouse pointer to the placeholder for the date. The placeholder has a dashed frame, which we click once to select it the placeholder.


3. To change the font, we navigate to the Home tab to set the font, font size and other options. We click on the F to format the placeholder for the date in bold. The font size can be adjusted using the small arrow. The smaller the number, the smaller the font.


4. For further settings such as small caps, the Font dialog box can be called up. All you have to do is tick the small box at the bottom right of Font.


5. The font dialog window will open. Here you can edit the font down to the smallest detail.


Hinweis: Die Schriftgröße sollte für die Fußzeile sollte nicht zu groß und die Schriftart nicht zu auffällig gestaltet sein. Auch sollte die Schriftart für alle Elemente der Kopf- oder Fußzeile einheitlich sein, um auf die Zuschauer nicht zu irritieren.

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