Show formatting characters

In order to display spaces, paragraphs or tab stops, formatting characters can be displayed in Word. Each position that is normally not visible is given a specific character. This makes it easier to check the text for double spaces or incorrectly placed paragraphs and thus facilitates the structuring of the text.

To show the formatting characters, we press the “Show formatting characters” icon at the top right in the ribbon on the Home tab in the Paragraph section. Now all formatting characters are displayed in the entire document. If you no longer want them to be displayed, just click the button again.

Zur schnelleren Bedienung können die Formatierungszeichen auch über die Tastenkombination Strg + * ein- und ausgeblendet werden.

For comparison: Without formatting characters.

With formatting characters:

Angezeigte Formatierungszeichen ändern

In some situations, for example when correcting a text, it may be useful to pay attention only to certain formatting and disregard others. To do this, you can further determine which formatting characters are displayed in the text.

If only certain formatting characters are to be shown, we click on the File tab.

There we click on the menu item Options.

Another window appears in which we select the menu item Display.

An area with options for displaying formatting characters appears. By clicking on the check boxes, you can determine which formatting characters are to be displayed.

In the default settings, however, the category “Show all formatting characters” should be selected.

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