Search and replace

Find and Replace is used to find certain words, texts or numbers and replace them with other values. This Excel function works with cell contents, formulas, comments and all other areas. In our example, we are looking for a specific city in a table.

Search and select

And this is how to find content quickly: We navigate to the Home tab in the Edit section and click the Search and Select icon.

A menu opens. We select the Search option.

Alternatively, the key combination CTRL and f can be pressed

In the following “Find and Replace” dialog box we enter in the Search for field the text we want to search for in the table. In our example we search for the name “Dresden”. We click on “Search all” to search the table.

And this is how the result looks like: Excel marks the hit!


Replace works similar to Find, with the difference that a hit is not only found, but replaced with a new value. In our next example, we want to rename the name Frankfurt am Main to FFM. We use the same table as above.

We navigate again to the Start tab in the Edit section and click on the Search and Select icon.

This time we select the Replace option.

In the dialog box we are looking for the name Frankfurt am Main. It is important that we write the name correctly. We want to replace the value Frankfurt am Main with FFM. Therefore, we enter the terms in the corresponding fields and click Replace.

Note: A search for Frankfurt or Frank can also lead directly to the hit.

The result: In the line we see the value FFM and no longer Frankfurt am Main.