Search and replace in documents

In Word, not only can individual words be searched for, but also systematically replaced. This is very helpful to avoid having to change all the entries in a document manually.

First we mark the beginning of the document so that the search starts from there.

We click on the Replace button on the Start tab in the Edit group.

Note: Alternatively, we press both keys: CTRL and h (hotkey).

The Search and Replace dialogue box opens in the Replace tab.

In the Search for field we enter the search term. In the field Replace with we enter the new word or character combination. Clicking on Expand enlarges the dialogue box to see more search functions. For example, we can change the upper and lower case.

When we are satisfied with the settings, we click on Replace.

After a hit, we can decide whether we want to replace the word. If yes, we click on Replace, otherwise on Continue search. If we want to replace all hits without checking them, we click on Replace All.

Remove double spaces

Double spaces are a form error and are difficult to locate in the document. Search and Replace can be used to quickly remove double spaces.

In the search field, press the space bar twice. Select the Replace with field and press the space bar once. Word will now search for two spaces that come one after the other and will replace them with a single space.