Print presentation

PowerPoint presentations are not only good for lectures delivered by people. They can also be shared with other people as informational materials. Documents such as lecture notes, working papers or annual reports are sent or printed via the Internet.

Hinweis: Falls eine fertige PowerPoint Präsentationen im Internet versendet werden soll, empfiehlt es sich, diese vorher im PDF Format zu speichern. Wie das geht, wird im Kapitel PowerPoint in PDF umwandeln erklärt.

From screen to paper

Before printing, the presentation should be thoroughly checked for errors and corrected. Once the slides are on the paper, even the smallest changes cannot be undone. Let’s move on to printing:

We click on the File tab…


… and then click Print.


With the key combination CTRL+P we alternatively get to the print view.

The print preview appears.


There are several options in the upper area:


In the Copies field we set how often the specified slides will be printed. Before setting a larger number, a test print should be performed.

Under Printer we assign the print job to a printer. This should be installed, connected and ready to print. Virtual printers are also listed.

To give the print command we click on the big Print button. Before printing, we should take a look at the print settings.

Print settings


Here we have the choice. Do you want to print the whole presentation or only certain slides (Custom area)? For this we specify a range in the Slides field.

The inputs can look like this:

InputDescriptionPrinted slides
3-9Slides three to nine are printed   3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9
1;3;9Slides one, three and nine are printed 1,3 and 9
1-3;9Slides one and three to nine are printed 1,2,3 and 9

Note: Individual page numbers are separated with a semicolon (;) and contiguous ranges with a separator (-). Both inputs can be combined.


Under Full page slides we set how many slides per page or which layout the slides should get.

The Sorted option determines the order of the expressions. This option is to be determined in case of multiple print copies.

Under color set we can print the printout in black and white.

On the right side PowerPoint shows the print preview. This is how the printed page will look like.


When we have made all the settings, we click on the large Print button at the top, as described in point 3.