Open document

There are various ways to open an existing document. The best known and most used way is to click on a Word file on the computer.

Double-clicking on the file also starts Word and automatically opens the selected document.

Opening a document in Word

If Word is already open, an existing document can be opened in Word itself. To do this, we go to the File tab.

Then a selection appears which document is to be opened.

In the middle there is a list of the most recently used documents. If the document to be opened is under this selection, it can be opened directly by clicking on the respective file.

If the file is not directly in the suggestions, we click on the Browse button under the item Open.

A window opens in which the folder structure of the computer can be searched for the file to be opened. When you have found the right file, click on it so that it appears with a blue background. Then we click on Open and the document opens in a new window.

Compatibility with older versions

When opening existing Word files, we should always check whether they are compatible with our Word version. In this regard, older Word versions (.doc) that were used in Word 2003 and older can be opened in modern Word versions. On the other hand, problems can arise when opening newer versions (.docx) in older versions.

To filter for certain file formats, we click as described above under Open -> Browse, so that a new window opens with the folder structure of the computer.

In the newly opened window there is a drop-down menu All Word Documents at the bottom right. Here we can click on any document type to search for it specifically.

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