Language, spell check and thesaurus

Set language

Word is usually set to German by default. When you write texts, Word automatically corrects small errors and underlines incorrect spellings and sentence constructions.

If you want to use Word in another language in order to have corrections displayed there as well, you can change the language manually.

To do this, we click on the button at the bottom where the language is displayed. For example, it says German (Germany).

A new window opens in which the language can be set. If you want automatic language recognition, we set a check mark at Automatically recognise language.

Click OK to complete the language setting.

Check spelling

To check the spelling for a text, Word offers a built-in function.

Spelling for individual words

Already while we are writing a text, wrong words are marked in red.

Right-clicking on the highlighted word opens a menu with various spelling suggestions. By clicking on one of the suggestions, the word is automatically adjusted in the text.

If the word in question is not misspelled, it can be added to the Word dictionary by clicking on the Add to Dictionary button.

Spell check for the entire document

For the whole document, the procedure for correcting words is similar, except that we do not have to go to each word individually.
To do this, we click on the Spelling and Grammar button under the Check tab in the Spelling group.

A window Editor will now open on the side, in which all grammatical errors are shown step by step.

Clicking on one of the suggestions replaces the word in the text. If the word is not to be replaced, we click on the Ignore once button. The editor then jumps to the next word.

At the end of the spell check, a window opens with the message that the process is finished. This can be closed by clicking on OK.

Find synonyms with Thesaurus

To replace specific words with synonyms or similar terms, Thesaurus can be used as Word’s internal dictionary.

To do this, we mark the word to be replaced (in our example “justification”).

Next, we click on the Thesaurus button in the Review tab.

A menu with similar terms opens on the right side of the window.

From here we select a term by clicking on the arrow next to the word. With another click on Insert, the previously selected word is replaced.

To find more synonyms for a word in German or English, the website is suitable.

The quick synonym search

The thesaurus function can be activated even more quickly from the context menu. To do this, select the word as described above and click on it with the right mouse button. The context menu then opens. Here, the option Synonyms is used to subsequently select a synonym.