Insert list of figures and tables

For figures, tables and formula, Word offers the possibility to create an automated index – which is extremely practical for scientific Master’s or Bachelor’s theses. This works with a similar procedure as in the instructions for creating a table of contents. The images and tables are given a special label that allows Word to identify that element as an image and list it as a directory. In this tutorial we will create a table of figures with two images in one document. See the example below.

Format labels for figures and tables

The prerequisite for this is that all tables and figures are given an appropriately formatted heading.

First we mark a corresponding picture with the left mouse button.

Next, we navigate to the References tab and click on the Insert Label button in the Labels group.

Alternatively, you can create the caption by right-clicking on the image or the table. Here a menu opens in which we select the item Insert caption….

The dialogue box label then opens.

In the Caption field we enter a description. For example, flower pot (blumentopf).

Attention: The labelling is always done for the last selected image

In our example, we select the Figure option in the Label field. The caption should be under the image, so we select the option “under the selected element” in the Position field.

With a click on OK we finish the formation of the caption.

With this procedure, we format the next pictures in our document that can be included in the list of figures.

First mark the picture with the left mouse button.

Click the “Insert caption” button.

And again you enter a meaningful caption. Word automa

We confirm our entries with OK.

The result: All images are now correctly formatted and labelled.

Creating the List of Figures

To insert the list of figures, we click on the References tab and then on the Insert List of Figures button in the Labels group.

The list of figures dialogue box opens in which the format of the list of figures can be selected.

Here we have many possibilities to format the list of figures according to our wishes. When all the formatting has been set, we finish by clicking on OK. The table of contents is now created automatically.

When changes are made, the directory does not update automatically! If new figures and tables are added or the page numbers change, the directory can be updated by clicking on the Update List of Figures button under the References tab.

The directory can be formatted afterwards as is typical in Word. But be careful: If the entire directory is updated, this formatting will be undone.