Insert and format page number

A continuous page number usually helps you to find your way around the document and improves the overview. In this article you will learn how to insert a continuous page number in Word. It is possible to have the page numbers appear in different places on the page, but they are usually entered in the header or footer, which means that the formatting of the page number is applied to the entire document.

Insert page number

To insert a page number, we click on the Insert tab and click on Page Number in the Header and Footer group.

A menu appears in which we can specify the position for our page number. In our example we would like to insert a page number in the lower right corner. If we move the mouse over the menu items and stop on the item End of page, a selection menu opens again.

In this we can select different positions and designs for a page number. For a page number in the lower right corner we select the style “Simple number 3” by clicking on it.

Now consecutive page numbers appear in the document. At the same time, a new Draft tab opens, which offers a range of formatting options.

Format page number

First of all, you can determine the position of your page number. Since this is now inside the footer, you change the height of the page number directly in the entire footer. To do this, we should be on the “Draft (Header and Footer Tools)” tab and the header and footer should be displayed.

If this is not the case and the Draft tab is not visible, we click on Footer under the Insert tab in the Header and Footer group. In the menu we click on “Edit footer”. Now you see the Draft tab. Alternatively, double-click on the header or footer to activate it for editing.

To adjust the position, we go to the Position group under the Design tab.

This contains two numbers which we can change with the help of the arrows. The lower line determines the distance of the footer from the page margin, while the upper line determines the position of the header.

If we change the number for our page number from 1.25 cm to 2.00 cm, the page number slides higher into the document.

And this is what the change looks like.

In the Design tab under the Options group we can determine whether the first page should be designed differently by clicking on the box next to “First page different”.

Not numbering the first page can be useful if the first page is, for example, the cover page or a table of contents.

Zuletzt können wir die Schriftart der Seitenzahl ändern. Hierzu markieren eine Seitenzahl.

Then we click on the Start tab in the Font group on the buttons: Font Size, Colour or Design Fonts.

If we change something here, this setting is adopted for all other page numbers in the document.

Insert a picture in the header

We select the header with a double click. Alternatively, you can call up the header and footer via the menu as described above.

Then we click on the Insert tab. In the group Illustrations we click on the button Images.

A new window opens that shows the folder structure on the computer. Here you can select an image from any storage location.

Click on Insert to insert the image into the header.

To change the size, drag the white corner points until the image is the right size.

All other formatting such as the exact position, the colour and the frame can be set via the “Picture Tools Format” tab. The tab appears automatically as soon as the image is selected.