Insert and edit video

Videos can be an enrichment for a presentation. Using PowerPoint, videos from the hard disk or from the Internet (for example, YouTube) can be inserted and customized.

Embed video in PowerPoint

PowerPoint can insert videos into the presentation from various sources. The first part of this exercise shows how to insert videos stored on the computer.

We navigate to the Insert tab in the Media group and click the Video button.

A menu appears that lets us choose whether we want to insert a video from the hard disk or from the Internet. We select the “Video on my computer” option.

The “Insert Video” dialog box appears. We select the appropriate video on our computer and click OK to insert the file.

Note: Common video formats like .avi, .mp4, and .wmv are supported by PowerPoint. If your video cannot be read by PowerPoint, the free Freemake Video Converter software will help. Use this program to reformat your video into an .avi or .wmv file.

The video will now appear on the slide as a preview image.

Below the preview image is the control bar. The play button (big triangle on the left) starts the video. The two small black arrows fast-forward and rewind the video and with the help of the speaker icon we set the volume. The video should be placed with sufficient size and centered on the slide. The preview image can be moved by keeping the mouse button pressed. By moving the handles, the preview image (and thus the video) will be enlarged or reduced.

Note: Videos require a relatively large amount of memory. If there are too many videos in a file, they take too long or have too high quality, PowerPoint may crash. A fast computer can solve the problem.

The video can be shortened directly in PowerPoint. To do this, we click the Trim Video button on the Playback tab (Video Tools) in the Edit group.

The Trim Video dialog box appears. Here we trim the video by using the green and red sliders. Alternatively, we specify the start and end time. We confirm the cutting process by clicking OK.

After the video has been shown, the preview image can be hidden automatically. To do this, we set a checkmark to Hide if no playback takes place and select Automatic to the right of Start. This way, during the presentation, the video will start directly when the slide appears.

Insert a video from the Internet

YouTube offers an ideal source for countless topics with its endless variety of short movies. PowerPoint makes it quite easy for its users to insert YouTube videos into a presentation. To do this, we navigate to the Insert tab and click the small black arrow under Videos in the Media group.

Then the Insert Video dialog box appears. Next to the YouTube field we enter a search term. We confirm our entry with the Enter key.

Copyright: In order to be allowed to use third-party videos from YouTube or other sources from the Internet, the consent of the rights holder must be obtained!

The YouTube search is integrated in PowerPoint and the hits are displayed directly. We enter suitable search terms in the “Search on YouTube” field.

Then we select a video with the left mouse button and click Paste.

Ready! We have inserted a video. To be more precise, we have only inserted a link. PowerPoint now knows where to find the video on the Internet. To play it, an Internet connection is always needed.

Note: Not too seldom there are problems with the internet connection on site during the presentations. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to save the video to the hard drive. The disadvantage is that, unlike a link, the presentation requires more memory.