Insert and edit music

Music is easy to insert and edit in PowerPoint. This also applies to sounds, spoken comments or other acoustic signals.

To insert music, we navigate to the Media tab and click the Audio icon, and then click Audio “on my computer”.

Note: Audio recordings allow us to record our own voice and later add it to the slide as a commentary.

The “Insert Audio” dialog box appears. We choose an audio file on our hard disk and click Insert.

We select the audio file (if it is not already selected) and navigate to the Playback tab (Audio Tools) in the Edit group on the Crop Audio button.

The “Trim Audio” dialog box opens. In the center is the audio track that visually represents the piece of music. Use the green and red arrows to trim the audio file. The green arrow marks the new start time and the red arrow the new end time. Clicking OK confirms our input.

It is difficult to give a piece of music a new ending without it stopping abruptly at the end. To prevent this, Microsoft invented fade-out. We enter a number in the Fade out field in the Edit group that determines the fade out time. Fade out means that the piece of music gets steadily quieter.

Fade in means the slow “getting louder” at the beginning and can be adjusted with the same procedure.

Next, we set the time when the piece of music is to be played. To do this, we click on the field to the right of Start and see the following items:

When clickThe audio track starts when we move the mouse pointer over the audio icon and press the play button. This gives us control over when the music plays and stops.
AutomaticThis option starts the music automatically when the slide appears during the presentation.
Playback across slidesIn the case of cross-slide playback, the piece of music does not end when the slide is changed.

The volume can be determined by a button. However, the volume is not only controlled by this setting.

Please note that Windows itself also has a playback volume across programs and the speakers in the room are configured differently. It is recommended to test the volume settings before the presentation to make sure they are not too quiet or too loud.

The audio icon can quickly look like a foreign body in a nicely designed slide. To prevent the slide image from being disturbed by the audio file, we can replace the icon with an image of our own. To do this, we select the audio symbol and click the Change Image button on the Format tab (Audio Tools) in the Customize group. The Insert Image window will open where we can insert an image from our hard disk.