Define format and alignment

The paper format and the orientation of the document should be set up at the beginning. Here Word offers a choice of different formats.

Always determine settings such as format and alignment before you start your actual work – because special formatting, graphics and images in particular can easily slip when you change the format, making it all the more work for you.

Set format

The most common format is A4, so this is already set in the default settings. If you want to specify other paper formats, we click on the Layout tab.

In the Page Setup group we click on the Format button.

A selection of possible formats opens.

By clicking we can select one of the formats.

If you want to specify the format even more precisely, we click on the last menu item “More paper formats”.

A new window opens in which we again have the choice of the available formats, but in addition we can also specify a certain size.

The size can be determined by clicking on the arrows as well as by directly entering the number. Once we have selected the correct paper size, we click OK.

Determine the alignment of the page

In addition to selecting the appropriate paper format, we can also determine whether the document should appear in portrait or landscape format. To do this, we click in the Layout tab.

Here we select the Alignment button under the Page Setup group.

A selection opens with the two options landscape format and portrait format. By clicking we select one of the two formats, which is now adopted.

Set different formats for a document

If you want to have different formats in your document, for example one page landscape and all the others portrait, we can do this by inserting section breaks.

To do this, we click in the document on the page that is to appear in landscape format. Now, under Layout in the “Page Setup” group, we click on the Break button.

A selection opens with possible breaks. Under the category section breaks we click on the button “Next page”.

The section change was inserted.

To see the section change as shown in the screen shot, press the “Show all”

button in the Start tab in the Paragraph group or the key combination Ctrl + *.

Now a section break has been inserted into the document. Let’s now go back to the Layout tab and click on the Alignment button. Here we select Landscape format.

Now one side is aligned in landscape format, while the other sides have been kept in portrait format.