Crop a graphic

When cropping, we apply the scissors and trim the graphic so that only a part is preserved – unlike resizing, where the entire graphic is resized to the appropriate size without any losses.

Crop images

We mark a graphic with one click.


The Format tab (Image Tools) appears. There we find the Size section where we click the Crop button.


The selected graphic shows black marks at its corners and edges. With these marks we crop the image.


We click on a marker and hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse in one direction. The mouse pointer forms a plus + . During cropping, we see that the area to be dropped is only grayed out.


when the image is correctly cropped, we click outside the gray area to accept the changes.


Der abgeschnittene Bereich wird im Hintergrund gespeichert. So lässt sich das Bild wieder zurückschneiden bzw. wiederherstellen.

Cut images into shapes

Im letzten Abschnitt haben wir gesehen, wie wir Bilder zuschneiden können. PowerPoint kann Bilder auf eine bestimmte Form wie ein Kreis, Dreieck oder Trapez zurechtschneiden.

We click on an image on the slide.


We navigate to the Formats tab (Image Tools) in the Size section and click on the small black arrow pointing down. On the button that appears we select “Crop to Shape”.


We click on a shape. In our example we choose triangle.


Tip: The decision about the shape can be reversed afterwards. To do this, we just need to repeat steps 1-3 and choose another shape. With so much choice, we can experiment with several shapes and see which one fits best for this slide.

The image is no longer rectangular, but triangular. The new shape is visually no longer a rectangle, but a rectangular frame is placed around the entire shape.