Create Title Slide

There is no second chance for the first impression – and that is why an impressive title slide is important to convince from the beginning! The title slide is the first sheet you see in a blank presentation when you open PowerPoint.


In the upper box we enter the title. To add the title, we click on the upper box, whereupon the mouse pointer can be seen waiting for an input. In our example, we enter “Company mission statement”.


It should be noted that the headline should be short, meaningful and unambiguous. The subtitle, on the other hand, offers the possibility to describe the topic in more detail and to add names, data or other information. In our example, we specify the name of the company: Max Mustermann GmbH.


We now click on a free area outside the text fields so that they disappear. Now a new text field, images or a slide background can be inserted.


The appearance of our example is not spectacular yet and of course needs further steps. Both the headline and the subtitle can be freely formatted, i.e. font, color and size can be freely chosen. PowerPoint offers almost infinite possibilities to give free rein to one’s creativity. However, this only applies to a limited extent to presentations for companies or universities that have a fixed design (slide master). Here, consideration should be given to the respective corporate identity guidelines.

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