Create document

There are several ways to create a new Word document.

Open Microsoft Word text editor

If you have not yet opened Word, double-click on the icon on your desktop.

If Word is not linked here, it can be called up via the Windows search function. Click on the Windows button and type Word into the search window. The Word programme appears – a single click is enough to open it.

Immediately after opening the Word app, a user interface with various selection options is displayed. To use an empty document without a template, we click on the “Empty document” button.

A new document then opens, which can now be edited.

Open a new document in Word

If Word is already open but you need another empty document, there is the possibility to create a new document. To do this, we click on the File tab.

A menu bar opens, on which we select the menu item New.

A selection of possible templates then appears, including that of an empty document. Here we click on the button “Empty document”.

A new, empty document then opens.

Key combination: If you don’t want to waste your time with unnecessary sequences of clicks, you can use the key combination Ctrl+N for opening.