Solver target value search

What is Solver? Solver is a tool of Excel that helps us find an optimal solution to a decision problem. It shows us which combination of input factors maximizes income or minimizes expenses. Without Solver, the problem can only be solved with mathematical knowledge or trial and error – how convenient! Solver itself is not … Read more

Pivot table

Pivot tables are among the most useful features Excel has to offer. With the help of pivot tables, even complex data sets can be sorted quickly, leading to useful insights. This tutorial explains step by step the individual ranges, filtering options, sorting, grouping that will help you create the perfect pivot table. The example table … Read more

Which diagram do I use?

Charts are always most useful when they are used correctly. The big challenge is to use the right diagram from the wide range of Office. Not all options are equally good, many of the charts are only usable for specific tasks and yes, picking the wrong chart can be a mistake. But don’t worry, the … Read more

Create and edit chart in Excel

The goal of a presentation is to inform the audience and, at best, to convince them of your idea. This usually includes numbers. To create a successful presentation, you need to see your slides from your audience’s perspective*. This means that they are seeing the numbers and information for the first time and have no … Read more

Conditional formatting

Conditional formatting in Excel highlights cells visually as soon as a condition is met. This makes data more descriptive and allows facts to be recognized more quickly. Condition greater than In our first example, from a list of prices for cars, we will highlight all amounts that cost over €10,000. To do this, we will … Read more

Filter and sort

Excel tables can quickly become huge and confusing. Especially when quickly searching for specific data from a large table, frustration quickly arises. To keep the overview, Excel offers the possibility to sort and filter the data automatically. This way, data can be sorted alphabetically from A to Z or rows of numbers can be realigned … Read more

Remove duplicates

Large tables often have the disadvantage of containing duplicate values that are not wanted. Instead of laboriously finding the individual values, Excel offers us functions to quickly and easily solve this task and filter the data set for unique values. In this tutorial we will see how to identify duplicates and delete them with just … Read more

Data validation and drop-down lists

Set up data verification With the option “Check data” we play it safe and can set that user of our table enters only valid numbers or values. It is also necessary for the creation of drop-down lists. In our example, we want to add the value added tax (VAT) of 19% to a price. The … Read more

Search and replace

Find and Replace is used to find certain words, texts or numbers and replace them with other values. This Excel function works with cell contents, formulas, comments and all other areas. In our example, we are looking for a specific city in a table. Search and select And this is how to find content quickly: … Read more

Format cells in Excel

Formatting means determining the appearance of content. Usually formatting does not change the value of a cell, but the appearance or information that is displayed in addition – such as the euro symbol € next to a number. First steps To format a cell, it must be selected in advance. If a whole cell range … Read more