Arrange positions

All objects such as texts, images, shapes or diagrams can be moved and arranged on the slide. This means that we determine which element is to be seen in the foreground or hidden further back.

We insert three forms for this example.


PowerPoint assigns an order to each element in the background. Each element is on a level that determines what is covered. Elements that are newly added to a slide are located higher in the hierarchy and cover the older shapes, diagrams or text passages.

To change the arrangement of the display we select an element – in our example the blue shape.


We navigate to the tabi Start group Drawing and click the Arrange button.


We navigate to the tabi Start group Drawing and click the Arrange button.

Next, we click the Layer Forward button.


The element rises in the layer hierarchy and is no longer hidden by the other rectangles.


Depending on how many elements and thus layers are in the slide, the Layer to Back button must be pressed several times. Tip: Press the F4 key after activating the Layer to front command to repeat it.

Let’s look at the other options in this menu:


Bring to Foreground brings the selected element directly to the foreground, so that it covers all other layers and is not covered itself.

Into the background has the opposite effect. The selected shape is moved to the bottom and is covered by all other elements on the slide. This is especially useful for background graphics.

Level down moves the selected element down one level.

Selection area

But what do we do if there are a lot of objects in the slide and shapes or other elements are hidden? The solution is quite simple: we use the selection area, which shows us an overview of all layers on a slide.

To do this, we navigate to the Start tab into the Drawing tab, as described above, and click on the Arrange button, and there on the Selection Area button.


The Selection and Visibility bar opens. Here the layer hierarchy, which works in the background, is clearly displayed. In this bar we can quickly find even hidden objects and mark them with a left click.